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Penthouse prides itself in crafting unique and unforgettable cocktails using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Our expert mixologists have blended innovative techniques and fresh flavours to reach the epitome of creativity.
We believe that every cocktail tells a story. From classic favourites to signature creations, every sip is a celebration of the vibrant culture and rich history that defines our region.


Our signature cocktail, The Penthouse, is crafted in-house by infusing dried laligurans (rhododendron) into our vodka, which is then mixed with white rum, walnut puree, passion fruit, and milk.
The result is a beautifully balanced cocktail that is both mellow and slightly coarse, leaving your taste buds yearning for more.
City of Gods is a creative twist on the classic espresso martini. Instead of vodka, we use whiskey and aquafaba as the firming agent, and our homemade sweet vermouth and fresh shot of espresso perfectly complement each other.
This drink is a favourite among coffee lovers who crave a kick of wakefulness and a touch of sophistication.

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